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My stop motion animation parties are a wonderfully unique way of celebrating a special day for both creative children and adults alike.

I put in lots of thought, care, and attention to detail to make it a truly fantastic experience for everyone.

I have developed a tried, tested, and very successful format during which party guests will learn how to make stop motion animation films, discover new techniques, pick up top tips on model-making, and produce something they are really proud of.


  • All materials and equipment are provided by me - guests work in pairs at their own animation studio each with laptop, lights and camera.
  • Can take place at your home or at a hired space (in or around Edinburgh)
  • Each guest receives a personalised goodie bag, small gift, card, and their plasticine model
  • Option of a personalised DVD for each guest - the ultimate goodie bag gift!
  • Also included is my 3-4 hours post production after the party - improving lighting, adding titles, sound effects and music
  • Party duration: 2 hours
  • Maximum number: 12 people
  • Recommended age: 7+
  • I am based in Edinburgh, but prepared to travel (expenses will be additional)
  • Pricing from £295 (for format outlined above)

The above is a guide - I'd be delighted to discuss things further and tailor a party just for you.

I love staging events, both indoor and out, and have created spectacles ranging from a fund-raising extravaganza for Comic Relief to an animated Mad Hatter's Animated Tea Party.

My hand-made props and costumes brimming with colour, fun opportunities for members of the public to become involved, and a coterie of enthusiastic staff, mark out StopMoGo events as something really special.

If you would like your next event to be something out of the ordinary, do get in touch and we can chat about making it possible.

I have developed over 25+ topics each with a full range of attainable activities and fun resources. These include: Space, Ancient Egypt, Plant Life Cycles, MiniBeasts, Dinosaurs, The Water Cycle, Pirates. It's also possible to work on new topics - I love developing new activities!

Having been a primary teacher (and trained in secondary), I can see how much children both hugely enjoy and benefit from this type of learning - making a stop motion film truly brings a subject to life, creates a memorable learning experience, and appeals to a wide range of skill sets.

I have been commissioned by museums, universities, and galleries to run sessions for schools, adult groups, as well as for special public events.


  • I provide all of the equipment and materials, including laptops, professional software, and table-top studios complete with lights and camera
  • Workshops can be structured to suit
  • Curricular sessions, after school activities, and more!
  • Location: I am based in Edinburgh, but prepared to travel (expenses will be additional)
  • Please contact me with as much info as possible about what you are looking for and we can talk about pricing.

    Here is my animation 'The Water Cycle':

    Do get in touch about your specific needs and we can have more of a chat about the various options.

Serious play is an established tool to facilitate innovation. Stop motion animation presents the challenge and thrill of confronting uncertainties. It allows the expression of complex concepts.

Whether you are looking for a team-building exercise or strategic development, StopMoGo can give you and your team the opportunity to innovate and inspire!

Sessions vary in length, type and outcome. All equipment and materials are provided. Do get in touch about your specific needs and we can have more of a chat about the various options.

I accept commissions to create stop motion animations - from longer films (2-4 minutes) to a short 6 seconds Vine-style GIF.

As every project is different and there may be something I can do with stop motion that you might not have thought of, the best thing is to contact me with your detailed specifications and we can chat further.

I have been working with Photoshop for over 10 years and have been lucky enough to have been personally taught by PS artists at the top of their game. The extra tricks they have shown me really do make all the difference.

Producing all of my posters and flyers for StopMoGo, as well as creating my own artworks using digital manipulation, has given me a wide range of experience.

You may be a complete beginner, or looking for more advanced techniques - I can tailor it to suit you.

Learn general skills (as well as those secrets I've acquired from the masters), make an extra special birthday card, enhance photographs, or work on a specific project.

My rate is £65 for a 90 minute session. I am available to come to your business premises or any central Edinburgh location as required. I may ask for travel time and costs to be compensated for.

Please get in touch with your postcode, an outline of what you are looking for, and I will give you an accurate quote.